Declarations of Candidacy

The Mayor’s seat and two City Council seats will be open in the 2017 Draper City Municipal Election. Each Council seat is at-large for a 4-year term.  The following is a list of candidates who have filed to run for an office in Draper City and their contact information.  

If you would like to find out more information about the candidates, please visit the state voting website.  You will need to log in with your information.  The website will provide your voting information as well as allow access to the bios that have been submitted by the candidates.

Mayoral Candidates

 Name Email Address Phone Number
Troy K. Walker 801 553 1700
Michele Weeks 801 550 1922
Troy Martinez 801 541 8397 

City Council Candidates

 Name Email Address Phone Number
Mike Green 801 215 9444
Dan Wheatley 801 871 8074
Tasha Lowery 801 999 4747
William E. Rappleye 801 816 0468
Jeff Graham 801 361 8491
Hubert Y. Huh 801 793 0800