Declarations of Candidacy & Financial Disclosures

Three City Council seats will be open in the 2019 Draper City Municipal Election. Each Council seat is at-large for a 4-year term. Persons interested in becoming a candidate for office must file a Declaration of Candidacy in person with the City Recorder, 1020 East Pioneer Road, Draper. The filing dates are Monday June 3, 2019 through Friday June 7 between the hours of 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

 The following is a list of candidates who have filed to run for an office in Draper City and their contact information.  

If you would like to find out more information about the candidates, please visit the state voting website.  You will need to log in with your information.  The website will provide your voting information as well as allow access to the bios that have been submitted by the candidates.

City Council Candidates

 Name Email Address Website  Phone Number Disclosures
 Marsha Vawdrey Email Marsha
 Marsha Vawdrey
 Fred Lowry Email Fred    Fred Lowry
 Troy Mason  Email Troy
   Troy Mason
 Tab Bingham Email Tab  (385) 295-0299
 Tab Bingham
 Traci Gundersen Email Traci  (801) 913-3329  Traci Gundersen
 Hubert Y. Huh Email Hubert
 (801) 793-0800
 Joshua Phillips Email Josh  (385) 215-5342
 Joshua PhillipsFinal Disclosure
 James North Email James      James NorthFinal Disclosure
 Clinton DeYoung Email Clinton (801) 600-2800  Clinton DeYoung
 David Hunt  Email David (801)995-2721  David Hunt 
 Christopher H. Clegg Email Christopher (801) 688-5654  Christopher CleggFinal Disclosure
 Cal Roberts Email Cal (801) 438-4051  Cal Roberts

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