Geneva Rock

Draper City has received an application from Geneva Rock to rezone a portion of its property to expand mining operations and to create a conservation easement on Steep Mountain.  For more information about this application, Geneva Rock has made information available on their website.

Geneva Rock Application Links

Draper City Process

Draper City has the legal obligation to review any zone change application it receives and process the application in a manner consistent with Utah and Draper City codes. The City will consider Geneva’s application through an open and transparent process that ensures the input of its residents is considered and balanced with the rights of the private property owner.

The Draper City Development Review Committee (DRC) is reviewing the application and will meet with the applicant periodically over the next several weeks. The DRC is comprised of subject-matter experts from the city’s various departments. The DRC will review the application for consistency with the General Plan and for compliance with engineering standards, city codes, and ordinances.

We will continue to send out regular updates on Geneva Rock’s application as we receive additional information. Draper City will provide timely information regarding the request and give the public the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposal.

Opportunities for the public to comment will be available during public hearings at both the planning commission and city council meetings. Draper City has provided an online public comment form for residents to provide feedback prior to the public hearings.  

To receive planning commission and/or city council agendas electronically, please sign up at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maridene Alexander, Draper City’s Public Information Officer at (801) 576-6527 or Cell (801) 831-7224 or by email.