Survey Results


We recently surveyed our residents to understand your priorities and concerns and to get your input as we update the Draper City General Plan. We wanted to make sure that the responses we received were representative of residents throughout the City so we hired a survey research and data-analytics firm, Y2 Analytics, to conduct the survey based on sound methodology and industry best practices. 

Over 1,800 residents took the survey- a high percentage for a city of our size! What we heard from you is that as we grow and change, we must work together to invest in our transportation infrastructure, provide more recreational opportunities, and facilitate the creation of high-paying jobs right here at home.


5 Things to Remember

Survey Analysis

Representative Results

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Planning- We are currently updating the Draper City General Plan and are using your survey responses to inform that work. The Draper City General Plan will be an important document that articulates a clear vision to guide key decisions for many years to come.  

Transportation- Draper City is working hard to provide you with additional transportation choices. We are partnering with the Utah’s transportation agencies to conduct a study of a potential expansion of the transit system through our community. We recently updated the City’s Master Transportation Plan to identify long-term roadway investments and welcomed Lime electric scooters as a micromobility option for residents to enjoy.

Communication- We are instituting a monthly e-newsletter to provide more timely information to our residents. We will continue to publish the Draper Forward, post regularly on social media, and make up-to-date information available on our website. We love hearing from you and are glad that you want to hear from us!

Residents can also email comments to or call (801) 576-6399.