Public Relations

We work hard to make sure we are providing you the most accurate and pertinent information about the community of Draper.  We value input and ideas from residents, business owners and the news media.  We believe in open, two-way communication. We will make sure information is shared throughout the community and the city organization.

Community Members

We continually look for better ways to inform our residents about the city and the services, meetings, programs, events, and emergency and breaking news.  We utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram) to send out information and announcements.  We also post news items and news releases on the city website.  

Six times per year we mail out the Draper Forward newsletter to the 16,000+ residents in the city.  You can also view copies of past editions of the newsletter at the link above.  

We recognize the value of citizen involvement and the wealth of good information and resources the citizens of Draper City possess. The importance of citizen concerns and their increased understanding of issues help city leaders make informed decisions.  The Public Relations office is always open to meet with citizens to discuss their community and communications needs.


The Draper Forward is the city newsletter that is published six times a year. The newsletter is mailed out to every business and resident in Draper and reaches 16,000+ homes.  We encourage you to submit information to the editor about our community. Please note that we do not accept any advertising in this publication.

News Media

We recognize the importance and value of the news media. We will foster a cooperative working relationship and provide timely, accurate information about city decisions, meetings, services, events and key issues.  All media calls should come through this office.  If you would like to interview an elected official, city management, or department head you need to contact this office first and we will set up an interview for you.  We are aware of your deadlines and will reply to your requests as soon as possible.  

Media Sign-Up Form to receive press releases, news announcements, emergency updates or breaking news.

We believe in being proactive. The city will tell its story rather than rely on others to interpret the city's actions, issues and decisions.

We believe in the personal touch, and will have our Mayor, City Council members, and City Manager convey news to the public.