Draper City Attorney - Mike Barker


Mike Barker has served in the public sector for almost 20 years. He started working for Draper City in February, 2015 on a contract basis and was appointed City Attorney in September, 2015. Prior to coming to Draper City he was Chief Legal Counsel for the Unified Police Department and a Prosecutor/Assistant City Attorney for Orem City. Mike received his juris doctorate from the J. Reuben Clark law School at BYU in 1993.

Mike Barker


The city attorney's responsibilities include:
  • Protecting the interests of the city.
  • Acting as the legal advisor and performs legal services on behalf of the city, including the mayor and city council.
  • Appearing on behalf of the city in all legal lawsuits and shall prosecute or defend the matter, as the case may be, until the matter is settled and disposed.
  • Presenting at meetings of the city council as well as other city meetings when requested.