On October 1, 2003, Jordan Valley water sources will be fluoridated in compliance with the wishes of a majority of Salt Lake County residents.

Approximately 0.8 mg/L of fluoride will be added to water already containing a natural level of about 0.2 mg/L, bringing the combined level to 1.0 mg/L.

Fluoridation equipment is being installed at Jordan Valley’s water treatment plants and well field. Fluoride concentration levels will be carefully monitored at fluoridation locations and at multiple locations within Jordan Valley’s water system. Special fluoridation control equipment has been installed to protect against overfeeding and ensure safe application of fluoride.

The total costs to implement, operate and maintain the fluoride injection and monitoring system amount to approximately two cents per 1,000 gallons of water delivered. There is no rate increase specifically planned in association with this cost.

Additional information about Jordan Valley’s method of fluoridation can be obtained by calling the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District at (801)565-4300.

Further questions regarding fluoridation can be addressed by contacting Royal DeLegge at (801)313-6600 for technical information, and Kathy Baebler at (801)468-2794 for educational information. Both Royal and Kathy work at the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.