Homeland Security

Report Suspicious Activity

Do you think something looks suspicious but you don’t want to call police?

You would be surprised how many people feel this way. Often, people feel that they saw something that just did not seem right to them. It did not look like an obvious crime, but their “sixth sense” tells them that the situation just is not right.

What to do if you see Suspicious Activity

Call the Draper Police Department and report it in a timely manner. Many times the police receive reports from people after several hours when they finally decide to call and report the incident. This is better than not calling at all, but these situations become hard to follow up on because too much time makes it difficult to make contact with others who may be involved. If it was criminal activity the suspects could now be hundreds of miles away, or have developed the ability to cover their tracks and conceal evidence. This is why it is important to call our dispatch center immediately at (801) 840-4000 to report any situation you feel is suspicious.

Law Enforcement Agencies Share Information

The State of Utah has a center where law enforcement agencies share suspicious activity at the state level so that the notes can be compared on a statewide and national level to try to identify criminal activity and locate the suspects as quickly as possible. We all know that there are several jurisdictions, but criminals don’t stay in just one jurisdiction. Through the state center law enforcement works together to combat criminals more effectively than ever before. They compare all kinds of information like vehicle descriptions, people, license plates or even partial license plates, addresses, etc. If the analysis leads law enforcement to stop crime before it happens or if we find criminals by sharing the information then this program is successful. This program has already been proven to be a success!

Anonymous Suspicious Activity Form

If you do not want to call the police but would like to still report the suspicious activity, you can fill out the Anonymous Tip Form. Do not use this form if it is an emergency or if you need an immediate response.