2020 Equal Payment Plan Sign-Up Form

Equal Pay enrollment in 2020 is now closed.

Requirements & Eligibility

To be eligible for the Equal Payment Plan your account must be in good standing (no late or missed payments in the previous 12 months).   Equal Payment Form

Your monthly equal payment amount is calculated using your yearly usage from the previous billing year. It is divided equally over a 12 month period. Your new calculated Equal Pay amount will be reflected on your January bill that is due in February. The amount may change due to changes in lifestyle or city council approved rate changes.

If your account balance is higher than your monthly Equal Pay amount at the end of the December billing cycle the full balance must be paid by the January payment due date in order to remain eligible for the following calendar years Equal Pay Plan. If you have a credit balance on your account at the end of the December billing cycle you can allow the credit to roll into your following year equal pay calculation or contact the Utility Billing office regarding other options including having a refund issued to the account payer.

You may request to be removed from Equal Pay at any time by calling the Utility Billing department however, there may be a credit or a balance owing depending on the time of year. If there is a balance owing, you agree to pay that amount in full by the next bill due date. If you are late or miss one monthly payment, you will be removed from the program and will be subject to late and shut off fees associated with non-payment of your account. Once you are removed from the Equal Payment Plan you will not be allowed back on in that calendar year. When on the Equal Payment Plan it is the owners’ responsibility to make sure that a payment of at least your equal pay amount is received by the due date every month. If you pay more than your Equal Pay amount in a billing cycle it is assumed that you are doing so due to catch up from a known water leak, new landscaping, additional household members, etc and your increased payment amount is in anticipation on your part of a balance at the end of the current year.


Draper City must receive this form prior to January 20, 2020 in order to participate in the Equal Payment Plan. Forms will not be accepted after January 20, 2020. (You must be the property owner and have occupied your home prior to January 1, 2019 to be eligible for this program. Rental properties are not eligible for the Equal Payment Plan).