Geographic Beats

Draper Police have divided the city into three “beats” in order to build stronger relations with citizens, enhance problem solving, and provide directed and individualized patrol strategies. Each beat is under the care of a Beat Commander. Their primary responsibility is to be accountable for activity in their areas. With the communities help, they will identify problems, develop solutions, make assignments for problem resolution and monitor progress. These beat assignments allow us to have a sustained presence in each area that will provide personalized service, stronger communications and create a safer and more engaged community.

Beat Commanders

Each Beat is led by a Patrol Sergeant that is designated as a Beat Commander. The Beat Commander works with the Beat Officers to reduce crime, enhance the quality of life, and work with community members to solve problems. Ultimately, the Beat Commander is responsible for all the public safety efforts within their Beat. If you have a crime problem, concern or any other public safety issue in your neighborhood, you can contact you Beat Commander directly. The Beat Commander can help assess the problem and develop strategies to resolve your concern.

Draper City Beat Map

Police Beats Map

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Beat 1 includes all areas of Draper City east of I-15 and north of Pioneer Road.


Sergeant Fackrell

Beat 1 Commander

Sgt Clint Fackrell
(801) 576-6337

Sergeant Street

Beat 1 Assistant Commander

Sgt Michael Street
(801) 576-6351 

Beat 2 includes all areas of Draper City east of I-15, south of Pioneer Road and north of 13800 South. 

Sergeant Ada,s

Beat 2 Commander

Sgt Scott Adams

(801) 576-6339

Sergeant Harris

Beat 2 Assistant Commander

Sgt Dave Harris
(801) 576-6597

Beat 3 includes all areas of Draper City west of I-15, all areas south of 13800 South, which includes SunCrest.  This beat also includes all of Corner Canyon.

Sergeant Newman

Beat 3 Commander

Sgt Kevin Newman
(801) 576-6307

Sergeant Coe

Beat 3 Assistant Commander

Sgt Matthew Coe

(801) 576-6371