Miss Draper Rodeo Queen Competition 2018

Queen Cora 17 Miss Draper Rodeo Queen Cora Butler

Dates, Times & Places

  • The Rodeo Queen competition will be held in June. Dates and Times TBA.
  • Personal Appearance
    • 5 p.m., Draper City Hall (Interview)
    • 9 a.m. at Andy Ballard Equestrian Center (Horsemanship)


Andy Ballard Equestrian Center
1600 E. Highland Drive (13675 South)

Miss Draper Rodeo Queens 2018

  • Miss Rodeo Queen, Cora Butler
  • First Attendant, Tia Smith


Katie Ovard-Smith
Email Katie
Ph: 801-856-8689
1st Att. Tia 17

  Miss Draper Rodeo First Attendant Tia Smith