Citizen Access Portal (CAP)

                         CAP Website Link: Citizen Access Portal 

The inspections that were completed today and their results can be viewed under the “Inspections” tab. You do not have to create an account to view these inspections. Please do not call the inspector listed until 8:30 the day of the inspection since the inspections may not be assigned to the appropriate inspector until then.

The ability to apply for a permit is NOT available at this time. We will make this feature available after the new software has been up and running and we have a chance to make sure that things can run smoothly through this process.PLEASE do not call the city to inquire when this will be available, but refer to the “Announcements” on the ePortal site to look for dates when this will be available. We anticipate allowing only over-the-counter MEP permits (Mechanic, Electrical, and Plumbing permits) to begin with. Again, this feature is not available at this time. We look forward to providing this feature to the citizens of Draper City.

If you are a permit holder you can manage your permit when logged in. Only permit holders should register, if you are not a permit holder you will only be able to view permit data.

Understanding Permit Terminology

When you log in to create your permit you will notice that there are several Work Classed for each Permit Type.

Work Class
Building New building with the interior completed.
Shell New commercial building with only common area completed.
Tenant Finish New build out or remodel to the interior of a building.
Addition Adding a story or square footage to the footprint of a building.
Accessory Structure An incidental building to the main building on the property.
Swimming Pool

Work Class
Single Family Dwelling New home.
Multi-Family Dwelling New townhouse.
Addition Adding a story or square footage to the footprint of the building. This includes an attached deck.
Remodel Work completed within the footprint of the building including a basement finish.
Accessory Structure A building other than the main house.
Swimming Pool

Work Class
Basement Walkout If this is the only work to be completed.
Cell Tower
Exterior Wall Covering
Fence Over 7 feet.
Flag Pole Over 35 feet.
Roof Conversion
Sign Building Permit Over 7 feet.
Storage Racks Over 10 feet.
Window Replacement
Other Anything that does not fit anywhere else.

Permit Type
Work Class
Retaining Wall Retaining Wall
Demolition Demolition
Electrical Electrical (C) - commercial

Electrical (R) - residential
Mechanical Mechanical (C)

Mechanical (R)
Plumbing Plumbing (C)

Plumbing (R)
Solar Panels Solar Panels (C)

Solar Panels (R)