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                                                        CITY COUNCIL AGENDA

Notice is hereby given that the Draper City Council will hold a Business Meeting on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, in the City Council Chambers at 1020 East Pioneer Road, Draper, Utah.

The Agenda will be as follows:


5:00 p.m.    Presentation: Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Needs
                    Assessment - Martin Jensen and Callie Birdsall

5:30 p.m.    Dinner

Discussion: Park School - Historic Preservation Commission

                           Discussion: Crossing Guards - Todd Hammond

BUSINESS MEETING   7:00 p.m.           

Call to Order: Mayor Troy K. Walker
Comment/Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
The Prayer will be offered by Rabbi Benny Zippel, Chabad Lubavitch of Utah.
Recognition Sergeant Chad Carpenter

Sergeant Chad Carpenter resigned from the Special Weapons and Tactics Team after nine years of service.  Sergeant Carpenter served with distinction and is being recognized for his leadership, commitment and professionalism.  Sergeant Carpenter was instrumental in the development of the team and the training of future SWAT officers.  His leadership and expertise will be missed.

Citizen Comments
To be considerate of everyone attending the meeting and to more closely follow the published agenda times, public comments will be restricted to items not listed on the agenda and limited to three minutes per person per item.  A spokesperson who has been asked by a group to summarize their concerns will be allowed five minutes to speak.  Comments which cannot be made within these limits should be submitted in writing to the City Recorder prior to noon the day before the meeting. Comments pertaining to an item on the agenda should not be given at this time but should be held until that item is called.
Consent Items
Approval of August 12, 2014, Minutes
Approval of August 19, 2014, Minutes
Documents: CC 08.19.14.pdf
Agreement 14-166
For Approval of an Easement for South Valley Sewer Improvement District for sewer service at Wheadon Farm Park
Documents: Wheadon Farm.pdf
Agreement 14-167
Awarding the CDBG Project to England Construction LLC.
Resolution #14-52, Reappointing Margaret Bird to the Tree Commission
Agreement #14-169
To provide an encroachment easement on 3,092.88 square feet of City Right-of-way to Draper Pointe Office Park and to agree to convey the easement area to Draper Pointe Office Park at a later date.
Action Item: Agreement 14-168
Award Agreement 14-168 - Freeway Pump Station Improvement Project to Whitaker Construction Co. Inc.
Action Item: Ordinance # 1120
On the request of Derek Wright representing Wright Homes for approval of a Zoning Map Amendment changing the zoning designation from A5 (Agricultural) and RA1 (Residential) to R3 (Residential) on approximately 36.9 acres at 11580 South 700 West.  The application is otherwise known as the Osborne Farm Rezone Request. Staff report by Keith Morey.
Action Item: Windsor Mill Preliminary Plat
Request for approval of a Preliminary Plat for a 17-lot subdivision on 7.01 acres in the R3 (Residential) zone located generally at 11450 South 800 West. Staff presentation by Keith Morey.
Action Item: Rockwell Estates Plat Amendment
Request to amend the Rockwell Estates subdivision plat by changing the front garage setback from 25 feet to 20 feet. Staff presentation by Keith Morey.
Resolution #14-53 Supporting the Creation of a Single Computer-Aided Dispatch System
A resolution of the City Council of Draper City agreeing to support a single computer-aided dispatch system, through engaging a consultant to assist Salt Lake County to select a public safety dispatch communication vendor.


Public Hearing: Ordinance #1122
Request to rezone 5.5 acres from RA1 to RA2 located at approximately 13000 S. 1300 E.  Application otherwise known as the Dun Roamin Rezone. Staff presentation by Keith Morey.
Discussion Item: Creation of TRSSD Administrative Control Board
Ordinance No. 1124, A Draper City Ordinance Adopting Draper City Municipal Code Section 3-1-290, Traverse Ridge Special Service District Administrative Control Board; Establishing the Board; Delegating Powers for the Governance of the District to the Board; Providing for the Number of Members.
Documents: TRSSD Board.pdf
Council/Manager Reports

I, the City Recorder of Draper City, certify that copies of the agenda for the Draper City Council meeting to be held the  2nd day of September, 2014, were posted on the Draper City Bulletin Board, Draper City website www.draper.ut.us, the Utah Public Meeting Notice website at www.utah.gov/pmn, and sent by facsimile to the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News.

                                                        City Recorder Signature
Date Posted: August 29, 2014            Rachelle Conner, MMC, City Recorder
                                                               Draper City, State of Utah
Draper City Seal

PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE AND ORDER OF BUSINESS.  In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, any individuals needing special accommodations including auxiliary communicative aides and services during this meeting shall notify Rachelle Conner, MMC, City Recorder at (801) 576-6502 or rachelle.conner@draper.ut.us, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Meetings of the Draper City Council may be conducted by electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 52-4-207. In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained by telephone and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to Draper City Municipal Code 2-1-040(e) regarding electronic messages.