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                                                        CITY COUNCIL AGENDA

Notice is hereby given that the Draper City Council will hold a Business Meeting on Tuesday, December 16, 2014, in the City Council Chambers at 1020 East Pioneer Road, Draper, Utah.

The Agenda will be as follows:

                         STUDY MEETING

5:00 p.m.         Interviews: Traverse Ridge Special Service District 
                        Administrative Control Board Applicants

5:30 p.m.         Dinner
                        Presentation: Proposed List of Capital Improvement
                        Projects - Glade Robbins

6:00 p.m.         Presentation: 1700 East Gas Line - Questar

6:30 p.m.         Discussion: Draper City Code Bulk Text Amendments -
Jennifer Jastremsky.

7:00 p.m.         BUSINESS MEETING

Call to Order: Mayor Troy K. Walker
Thought / Prayer and Flag Ceremony - Scout Troop #1334
Public Comments
To be considerate of everyone attending the meeting, public comments will be restricted to items not listed on the agenda and limited to three minutes per person. Comments which cannot be made within these limits should be submitted in writing to the City Recorder prior to noon the day before the meeting. Comments pertaining to an item on the agenda should not be given at this time but should be held until that item is called.
Consent Items
Approval of December 2, 2014, Minutes
Approval of Resolution #14-69
Appointment of City Treasurer. Staff: Garth Smith
Approval of Resolution #14-70
Adopting the 2015 Water Conservation Plan Update, Dated December 2014. Staff: Glade Robbins
Approval of Resolution #14-74
Adopting the 2015 Annual Meeting Schedule. Staff: Rachelle Conner
Approval of Agreement #14-299
Roan River Ranch Subdivision Assessment-in-Lieu. Staff: Glade Robbins
Approval of an Amendment to Agreement #12-47
Amending the Reimbursement Agreement with M&M Automotive. Staff: David Dobbins
Action Item: Resolution #14-75
Appointing Members to Serve on the Traverse Ridge Special Service District Administrative Control Board. Staff report by David Dobbins.
Public Hearing: Resolution #14-72

Notice of Intent to Create a Special Assessment Area for the White Mountain CSD. Consideration for Adoption of a Resolution of the City Council of Draper City, Utah, Declaring its Intention to Designate an Assessment Area for the Purpose of Levying Assessments Against Properties within the Assessment Area to Finance the Construction and Installation of Road, Sewer, Storm Water, Culinary Water and Related Improvement Related Matters. Staff report by Russ Fox.

Action Item: Presentation of the Audit for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014.
Presentation of the Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Audit and Financial Statements. Presenter: Rob Wood from Hansen, Bradshaw, Malmrose & Erickson, PC.
Public Hearing: Resolution #14-73
Declaring Portions of Draper Historic Park Property as Surplus and Approving a Boundary Agreement with Surrounding Property Owners. Staff report by Russ Fox.
Public Hearing: Ordinance #1138
Request for Approval of a Zone Change from RA1 to R3 on 4.63 Acres Located at Approximately 12980 South 300 East. The application is otherwise known as the Carlquist Rezone Request. Staff report by Keith Morey.

Action Item: Galena Park Townhomes Plat Amendment #2
Request to amend the plat by moving the south property line north approximately twenty-three feet so the turn-around hammerhead is on Rocky Mountain Power property.  Staff report by Keith Morey.
Action Item: Agreement #14-302
Approval of agreement to sell Draper Park School Property to Godfrey Properties & Design. Staff report by David Dobbins.
Public Hearing: Lone Peak Business Park Minor Subdivision Request
Request for Approval of a Minor Subdivision Plat for Lone Peak Business Park on 14.24 acres of property, Located at 12044 South Lone Peak Pkwy. The application is otherwise known as the Lone Peak Business Park Minor Subdivision. Staff report by Keith Morey.
Documents: Lone Peak Pkwy.pdf
Public Hearing: Resolution #14-71
Presentation and Public Hearing on Reopening and Amending the Current Fiscal Year 2015 Budget. Staff report by Bob Wylie.
Council/Manager Reports


I, the City Recorder of Draper City, certify that copies of the agenda for the Draper City Council meeting to be held the  16th of December, 2014, were posted on the Draper City Bulletin Board, Draper City website www.draper.ut.us, the Utah Public Meeting Notice website at www.utah.gov/pmn, and sent by facsimile to the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News.

Date Posted: December 12, 2014
                                                       City Recorder Signature
                                                        Rachelle Conner, MMC, City Recorder
Draper City, State of Utah
Draper Seal

PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE AND ORDER OF BUSINESS.  In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, any individuals needing special accommodations including auxiliary communicative aides and services during this meeting shall notify Rachelle Conner, MMC, City Recorder at (801) 576-6502 or rachelle.conner@draper.ut.us, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Meetings of the Draper City Council may be conducted by electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 52-4-207. In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained by telephone and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to Draper City Municipal Code 2-1-040(e) regarding electronic messages.