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                                                        CITY COUNCIL AGENDA

Notice is hereby given that the Draper City Council will hold a Business Meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2015, in the City Council Chambers at 1020 East Pioneer Road, Draper, Utah.

The Agenda will be as follows:

5:30 p.m.     DINNER

6:00 p.m.     STUDY MEETING

1.0    Discussion: Solid Waste Pickup in Cul-de-sacs and Circles - Steve 

2.0    Discussion: Budget Revenues - Bob Wylie

3.0    Council / Manager Reports

4.0    Adjourn to a Closed-Door Meeting to Discuss Litigation, Property
         Property Acquisition, and/or the Character and Professional 
         Competence or Physical or Mental Health of a Individual.

7:00 p.m.     BUSINESS MEETING
Call to Order: Mayor Pro Tem Marsha Vawdrey
Presentation: Police Department Annual Report - Bryan Roberts
Public Comments
To be considerate of everyone attending the meeting, public comments will be restricted to items not listed on the agenda and limited to three minutes per person. Comments which cannot be made within these limits should be submitted in writing to the City Recorder prior to noon the day before the meeting. Comments pertaining to an item on the agenda should not be given at this time but should be held until that item is called.
Consent Items
Approval of February 20-21, 2015, City Council Retreat Minutes
Approval of March 3, 2015, Minutes
Approval of Resolution #15-18
Appointing David Cloward as the Tree Commission Chair.
Approval of Agreement #15-37
Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Salt Lake County for joint ownership of sewer lateral for Southfork and Wheadon Farm Parks. Staff: Glade Robbins
Approval of Agreement #15-38
Logan Simpson Design Inc. for consultant services in developing the Open Space Master Plan. Staff: Glade Robbins
Approval of Agreement #15-43
This Contract is for the mowing and maintenance of small park and landscaped areas located throughout the city.  This includes mowing and weed control and removal in park strips, small parks, street medians, open space areas, etc.  The work was advertised and requests for bids solicited.  Nine bids were received, with Lawn Butler submitting the low bid at $64,595.39.  References were checked and we recommend the City Council award the contract to Lawn Butler.  The bid tabulation and contract documents are attached. Staff: Glade Robbins
Documents: Landscape Bid.pdf
Approval of Windsor Mill Final Plat
Request for approval of final plat for a 17-lot subdivision on 7.01 acres in the R3 zone located generally at 11450 South 800 West.  Staff: Keith Morey
Proclamation: Fair Housing Month - April
Action Item - Consideration of Resolution #15-16
Authorizing Draper City to enter into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement by and between Draper City, Utah (the “City”) and the Redevelopment Agency of Draper City, Utah (the “Agency”); outlining the terms and conditions related to a $2,000,000 loan from the Agency to the City; and related matters. Presentation by Russ Fox and Jason Burningham.
Action Item - Amending the Draper Business District LLC Development Agreement
Consideration and Approval of Addendum #1 to the Draper Business District LLC Development Agreement; and related matters. Staff presentation by Russ Fox and Jason Burningham.
Action Item - Resolution #15-19
Consideration of Resolution 15-19, Designating an Assessment Area for the purpose of (i) levying assessments against properties within the Assessment Area to finance the construction and installation of road, sewer, storm water, culinary water and related improvements, (ii) estimating the amount of the assessments to be levied and the method of assessments, and (iii) generally describing the period over which the assessments are to be paid; and related matters. Staff presentation by Russ Fox and Jason Burningham.

Action Item: Resolution #15-17
Consideration of Resolution 15-17, Authorizing Draper City, Utah to issue Interim Warrants for the purpose of financing the construction of improvements in connection with the Draper-White Mountain Business Park Assessment Area, authorizing the execution and delivery of such warrants by the Mayor and City Recorder; and related matters. Staff presentation by Russ Fox and Jason Burningham.
Action Item: Agreement #15-42

Acknowledgement and Release by and between BG Vista Station, L.C., EMC Corporation, Draper City, and the Redevelopment Agency of Draper City. Staff report by David Dobbins.


Documents: Agreement 15-42.pdf
Public Hearing: Ptarmigan Pointe Phase 2 Plat Amendment
Request for approval to amend the Ptarmigan Pointe Phase 2 subdivision plat by dividing Lot 201 into two parcels, to be known as Lot 201A and Lot 201B.  The property is zoned RA2 and is located at 13128 Grouse Pointe Cove. Staff presentation by Keith Morey.   
Public Hearing: Resolution #15-15
Presentation and Public Hearing on Reopening and Amending the Current Fiscal Year 2015 Budget.  Staff report by Bob Wylie.
Action Item: Agreement #15-03
Construction Agreement #15-03 with Wardell Brothers Construction, Inc. for the Lone Peak Parkway Extension Phase I Roadway Project. Staff report by Glade Robbins.
Documents: Agreement 15-03.pdf
Action Item: Agreement #15-40

For approval of an agreement with Staker Parson Companies for the Mike Weir Drive Reconstruction Project. Staff presentation by Glade Robbins.


Council/Manager Reports
Adjourn to a Closed Meeting
Closed meeting to discuss litigation, property acquisition, and/or the character and professional competence or physical or mental health of an individual.


I, the City Recorder of Draper City, certify that copies of the agenda for the Draper City Council meeting to be held the 17th day of March, 2015, were posted on the Draper City Bulletin Board, Draper City website www.draper.ut.us, the Utah Public Meeting Notice website at www.utah.gov/pmn, and sent by facsimile to the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News.

Date Posted: 3.13.15

City Recorder Signature   Rachelle Conner, MMC, City Recorder
  Draper City, State of Utah
Draper Seal

PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE AND ORDER OF BUSINESS.  In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, any individuals needing special accommodations including auxiliary communicative aides and services during this meeting shall notify Rachelle Conner, MMC, City Recorder at (801) 576-6502 or rachelle.conner@draper.ut.us, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Meetings of the Draper City Council may be conducted by electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 52-4-207. In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained by telephone and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to Draper City Municipal Code 2-1-040(e) regarding electronic messages.