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Online Crime Report

  1. Please read and check off the following requirements of making an online report:*

    If you can not agree to each of these requirements, please call 801-840-4000 to file your report.

  2. NOTE: We can not accept reports of incidents that occurred outside Draper City's jurisdiction.

  3. Please make your best guess, but be as precise as possible. If estimating, please explain why in your statement below.

  4. (Person submitting this report)

  5. (Best number to reach you)

  6. (Person or business suffering a loss)

  7. Reporting Party & Victim Relationship:*

    Please select one (the best fit).

  8. (Victim vehicles and/or suspect vehicles)

  9. Do you have vehicle information?

    If you have more than one suspect or victim vehicle, please provide the information in your statement below.

  10. Only damage to the vehicle. Do not include the amount of loss from stolen property.

  11. Do you have a witness to this crime or incident?

    A witness is someone who actually observed the crime or incident occur. If you have more than one witness, please list the additional witnesses in your statement below.

  12. Best phone number

  13. Please provide any information you have.

  14. Do you have any suspect information?

  15. Please list your lost, stolen or damaged property. If reporting a lost or stolen wallet or purse, please list credit cards separately.

  16. Damage Amount or Stolen Value

  17. Damage Amount or Stolen Value

  18. Damage Amount or Stolen Value

  19. Damage Amount or Stolen Value

  20. Describe what happened and/or what you discovered.

  21. WARNING:*

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