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Effects of Water Pollution

Water pollution is a concern for every person on the earth. Water pollution is contamination of water by water pollutants that are allowed to enter water sources without first being treated to remove compounds that are dangerous to people and animals. Water pollution does not just hurt animals and people alike, they also hurt entire communities doing major damage that takes years to cleanup and fix.

Water pollution is problem that effects everyone. Statistics show that 14,000 people die every day from harmful agents in the water. Contaminated water leads to stomach sickness and many people die from the sickness. Countries that have adequate facilities to filter water still struggle with water pollution. Everyday there are accidents that happen that allow contaminates into the water. Sometimes they are not even known because they happen in remote areas.

Examples of Water Pollution

Animal waste that finds its way into the water through a stream or pond.
Compounds found in the air are mixed with water from a rain storm.
Oil spills

Types of Water Pollution

Point Source Pollution

This is where contaminants enter the water from a single source that can be located.

Non-Pointed Source Pollution

Pollution that does not come from one source, but rather many sources working together. An example of this is from fertilized land. Water runoff collects come of the fertilizer from several different fields and the fertilizer finds its way into the water supply causing polluted water.

Water pollution is a constant battle all around the world. Water treatment facilities work nonstop to provide good, clean water for everyone to enjoy.