Geneva Rock Application

Update - Geneva Rock Withdraws Application
Geneva Rock officially withdrew their application at the Draper City Council meeting held on Sept. 12, 2018. If Geneva decides to reapply they will be required to undergo the city’s rigorous and transparent review process. This process includes submitting a new application, meeting with the Draper Development Review Committee, and present and participate in public hearings before the Planning Commission and the Draper City Council. If Geneva submits a new application, we will open up a public comment form on the website and continue to make all information regarding the application publicly available.

Geneval Rock Rezone Application

Draper City received an application from Geneva Rock  for a text amendment, a land use map amendment and a rezone.  Geneva Rock is requesting to rezone a portion of its property  (72.9 acres) from an A-5 agricultural zone to a M-2 manufacturing zone to expand their gravel operations.  They are also requesting a Development Agreement to set aside 78.4 acres of land to create a conservation easement on Steep Mountain. Links to the application documents can be found by scrolling down.

Geneva presented information to the Draper City Council on September 12, 2018.  The request to City Council was to consider Geneva's text amendment, land use map amendment, rezone, and development agreement which proposed the land conservation easement. Geneva Rock withdrew their application at this meeting.    
For more information about this application, Geneva Rock has made information available on their website.

Draper City Process

At the August 23rd meeting, the Draper Planning Commission considered the text amendment, land use map amendment and rezone.   The Planning Commission forwarded a positive recommendation on Geneva'a text amendment (Vote 4 to 1), a negative recommendation on the land use map amendment (Vote 3 to 2), and a negative recommendation for the rezone (Vote 4 to 1). 

The city is holding a special meeting because the application has generated a considerable amount of community interest and the City Council wants everyone to be heard.  The meeting is on Wednesday, September 12, at 6:00 p.m.   Staff Report Presentation - Geneva Rock

How to I express my comments on this issue?

1)  Attend the City Council meeting on September 12 at 6:00 p.m.   You will be able to speak to the City Council during the Public Hearing.  The time limit for all comments will be limited to three minutes.  The City Council will not accept five minute comments from groups at this meeting, per the City Council Meeting Rules and Procedures, which differ from what was allowed at the Planning Commission meeting.

2) Draper City has provided an online public comment form for residents to provide feedback prior to the public hearings.  You will need to submit your comments by 12 noon on September 11, 2018 in order for them to be included in the materials for the City Council.  Please note that Facebook or any social media comments are not included in the public comments.  In order for your comment to be included, you will need to submit your comment online at the link above, or send an email to Senior Planner Jennifer Jastremsky.

Draper City is committed to an open and transparent process where residents have an opportunity to provide meaningful input during the review of any application we receive.

If I Am Unable to Attend the Meeting, Can I Listen to the Meeting LIVE?

LISTEN TO LIVE AUDIO  from Draper City Council meetings.  The presentation materials (if there are any) for each agenda items will be shown on the screen.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maridene Alexander, Draper City’s Public Information Officer at (801) 576-6527 or Cell (801) 831-7224 or by email.

Geneva Rock Public Comments Received

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