Wireless Facility Application (aka Small Cell)

Applying for a WIRELESS FACILITY within PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY Application for Permit


All Wireless Facility Applicants will be required to have a Small Cell Master License Agreement with Draper City.

Wireless Facility (Small Cell) Applications must include the following, for each site listed on the application:

  • Plans with the following information; scaled site plan, scaled elevation view, overall         site dimensions, ADA standards, site distances from streets, and site distances from       subdivisions
  • Traffic Control Plan (TCP)
  • Work Area and Best Management Practices (BMPS) See page 7 of the application
  • Pole load analysis if using a city-owned pole
  • Current copy of State Contractor's Business License (One Per Application)
  • Current certificate of Worker's Compensation & Liability Insurance (One Per                   Application)
  • Encroachment Permit information filled out per site. (Added to the application under       each wireless site for ease)
  • If Applicable: Proof of Franchise Agreement
  • If Applicable: Letter giving 3rd party approval

Each item listed above should be a separate file, and each file named showing the following information. Company Name, the Address of the proposed Wireless Facility Site, and Type of Submittal. (ie. Draper City _ 1020 E Pioneer Rd _ Traffic Control Plan)

Completed applications should be submitted digitally VIA email to engineering@draper.ut.us, along with all other required documents.

Once a completed Wireless Facility Application is received, we will review for completeness. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Once an application is accepted with all documents submitted, each individual site listed on the application will be processed as their own permit.

Application Fee's will be assessed after the application is reviewed and approved. Any additional wireless facility permit fees, encroachment (excavation) permit fees, and security deposits will be assessed prior to the permit being approved for issuance.

Additional Materials and Information

A Wireless Facility Application can have up to 25 (twenty-five) Wireless Facility sites listed. IF the contractor and owner information is to remain the same on all 25 (twenty-five) sites. To submit more than 4 sites per application, please use the linked document below in addition to the application. If possible, please fill out all pages on the application digitally, and combine all pages of the application and additional application pages into one file.

Security Deposits

Wireless Facility within Public Rights of Way and Encroachment Permit Application and Agreement security deposits are held for one year from completion of work and released pending the approval of the inspector.

All cash security agreement forms must be signed and notarized. We will accept one cashier's check for the total amount of the permit (Bond amount plus Wireless Facility Fees and any applicable Excavation/ Encroachment Permit fees). Please make the cashier's check out to Draper City.


APPLICATION FEES                    *fees are assessed per site list
Collate on Existing Pole$100.00
New or Replacement Pole$250.00
Discretionary Site Approval $1000.00
Encroachment FeesSee Consolidated Fee Schedule

ROW SITE LICENSE FEES                                  *fees will be assessed each year per site
3.5% of Gross Revenue Related to Applicant's use of right of way, OR
$250.00 Annual Fee, AND
$50.00 Annual fee for City Pole Collocation (if applicable)