Draper Deals

draper deals

Draper City is launching a new COVID-19 relief program, “Draper Deals” that provides three $10 gift cards ($30 total) to every Draper household to spend at businesses within our city limits. 

This program provides our residents with extra cash to buy necessities or to treat themselves and others, while supporting our businesses with more customers coming in to spend their gift cards.

The gift cards can be used all at one business or spread among several businesses. Gift cards are submitted to the participating business at the time of purchase, and are not redeemable for cash. Businesses will apply the discount to the customer and return the gift cards with receipts to Draper City Hall for reimbursement. 

If you are a business and would like to participate, please fill out this form by Sunday, October 25 at 11:59 p.m. to be included in the list mailed to all residents. If you sign up after October 25, you will still be listed on this webpage as a participating business.

If you have any questions, email info@draper.ut.us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is receiving the gift cards?

The gift card mailer will be sent to every Draper household that the USPS has on record in November.


Who is funding this program?

Draper City is administering this program with funding through the federal CARES Act that was provided to Salt Lake County and distributed to Draper City.


What does a Draper business need to do to participate?

Fill out the online form and submit your W-9 to participate in the program. The W-9 is used to set up the business as a vendor in Draper City's payment system. Businesses will need to keep a copy of each purchased receipt to turn in with the gift card. Businesses will turn in the receipts and gift cards to Draper City Hall at 1020 E. Pioneer Road to receive reimbursement after the promotion ends on November 30, 2020. Businesses need to submit all gift cards and receipts in one batch any time between December 1-10, 2020.


I missed the Oct. 25 deadline, can I still participate if I’m a business?

Yes, you can still participate if you fill out the online form. You will also be listed on the website as a participating business.


Is there a minimum purchase required?

No minimum purchase is necessary.

Can the customer use all three gift cards in one purchase?

Yes, up to three gift cards may be combined together in one purchase. 

Can the customer use more than three gift cards in one purchase?

No, the customer cannot exceed more than three gift cards in a single transaction.


What if a customer makes a purchase that is less than $10, do they receive change or keep a portion of the gift card?

No change will be given. A customer must submit the full gift card amount even if the purchase is below $10. Customers are encouraged to add another item to the purchase to use the full $10 gift card amount.


Can a business collect the full $10 if a customer submitted it, but had spent less than $10?

No. Draper City will only reimburse a business for the receipt total, (including sales tax), and not exceeding the total value of the gift card.


Are the gift cards transferrable?

No, they are non-transferrable. A unique barcode and identifier number is on the back of each gift card that is tracked by Draper City.


I’m a resident and I didn’t receive my gift cards, what should I do?

The gift cards have not been mailed out to residents yet. Draper City is currently working on recruiting businesses to participate in the Draper Deals program. It is anticipated that residents will receive their gift cards in the mail beginning Nov. 3. If you do not receive you gift cards after that time, you may contact info@draper.ut.us.