Building Permit Applications & Checklists

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Effective JANUARY 23, 2018

 - Building Permit Applications may be submitted and reviewed after the subdivision has been legally recorded with the County Recorder & the City has received the updated parcel information from the County Recorder & has inputted the parcel information into the City's GIS database. (ORD No. 1302)

Checklists  and Applications for Submittals


How to Submit Your Permit Application

  1. Fill out the permit application in its entirety.
  2. Prior to submitting the application, review the applicable checklist above to ensure that all documents are submitted.
  3. Email your completed application to the Building Department.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  5. Digital Submittal Requirements

In addition to checklist items for building permits, the following will also be required at the time of application.

1. All digital files must be unlocked to allow commenting by Draper City plans examiners; otherwise, they will be returned immediately without being reviewed.

2. All required approvals from:

 a) Outside agencies; and

 b) Draper City Departments.

3. The Draper City Building Department will not accept any building plans or applications for     building permits of: homes, townhouses, apartments, commercial buildings, and twin homes, unless both:

 a) A building permit for that project has the ability to be issued at the time of  application and submittal of any documents; and 

 b) A geotechnical engineering report for that property, has been reviewed, approved  and  accepted by Draper City for that parcel(s).