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Business License Requirements

In accordance with the provision of Section 6-2-030 of the Ordinance of the City of Draper, each business, vocation, trade, calling or profession shall pay an annual business license fee as found in the Business License Fee Schedule.

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General Business License Applications & Requirements

Alcoholic Beverage License                    

Business License

Draper Days Business License

Home Occupation Businesses

Single Event Business License

Solicitor's License

Temporary Business License

Temporary Fireworks

Utah Labor Commission

Utah's workforce is one of its most valuable resources. To help protect this resource, the Utah Labor Commission is dedicated to ensuring safety and fairness in Utah’s workplaces for both employees and employers. Whether you are renewing your business license or applying for the first time, we invite you to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a business owner by visiting our website at, sending an email to, or calling (801) 530-6800.