Common Code Violations

  • Overgrown weeds 7-13-040 (A)

  • Weeds in the park strip 7-13-030 (D)

  • Parking on the sidewalk 9-25-050 (J)

  • Prohibited signs 9-26-120

  • No parking permitted on front and side lawns 9-25-050 (G2)

  • No parking permitted on vacant lots or open land 9-25-050 (F)

  • RV and Boat parking 9-25-050 (H)

Reporting a Code Violation

A Code Enforcement Complaint covers signs, weeds, and trash. To report a code violation, please use one of the following online forms:


Did you receive a notice? If you received a notice, please call our Code Compliance Office at (801) 576-6567.