Major Road Construction Projects - 2020

If you have questions on these projects, please contact Draper City's Engineering office at (801) 576-6369.

Bangerter Parkway, 13800 South to Manila Drive

Construction work to resurface Bangerter Parkway from 13800 South to Manilla Drive is nearing completion. As part of the project, two new traffic lanes will be added when the road is restriped. The final lane configuration will consist of two travel lanes in each direction and a center turn lane, for a total of five lanes. The new traffic lanes will ease the increasing traffic congestion on this roadway.

Previously, Bangerter Parkway had very wide shoulders that were sometimes used for parking and biking. The new shoulders will not be wide enough to support either of these uses. The intent of the city is to widen Bangerter Parkway in the future to provide enough road width to add dedicated bike lanes. The timing of such a project is undetermined at this time.

Unfortunately, the city did not have enough funding available to widen the road to add dedicated bike lanes with the current resurfacing and restriping project. Until the road is widened and dedicated bike lanes are installed, vehicles can use the inside lanes to pass bikers who are occupying the outside lanes (with the new lane configuration).

Lone Peak Parkway (11400 S. to 12300S.)
Roadway will be widened to five lanes from 11400 South to 12300 South. Sidewalk will be completed on both sides for the full length. Construction will start by May 15 and will be completed in five phases starting on the west side. Two-way traffic will be maintained.

Oak Vista Water Line / Road Reconstruction The first phase will be the water system improvements in May and completed in July. The second phase is the roadway reconstruction in late July and completed in September.

Highland Drive Reconstruction Widening and reconstructing Highland Drive to five lanes. Widening will be from approximately Minuteman Drive to Bangerter Parkway. Work begins at the end of May.

300 East (11400 S. to 11800 S.) Reconstruction Re-paving 300 East Street and replacing damaged concrete. Expected timeframe for construction is June to July.

Car Charging Stations Providing Level 2 car charging stations at City Hall and Draper City Park. Each location will have four stalls for charging electric vehicles. Work to be completed by the end of June.

UDOT I-15 Northbound in Draper, Sandy and Midvale UDOT is adding a new general purpose lane from Bangerter Highway to 9400 S. and a collector-distributor system from 9400 South to I-215 to increase mobility and reduce congestion. Construction began summer 2019 and expected to be complete by late 2020. In Draper, road construction can be seen at State Street and Minuteman Drive. Visit UDOT to view latest updates.

Other Upcoming Projects

Bangerter Parkway Mill & Overlay Crews will be resurfacing the asphalt on Bangerter Parkway from 13800 South to Highland Dr. The roadway will be restriped to five lanes. A new traffic signal will be installed at 140th and Bangerter.

Draper Elementary Access Road Draper City and the Canyons School District are working on a second access road to the Draper Elementary School, 1080 E. 12660 South, so that there will be two exit / entry points. Currently, the only access to the school is from the west, off of Fort Street. This single access point limits traffic circulation and flow at the school, and the backup of traffic extends out to and along fort Street. Having one way in and one way out can make it very difficult for emergency vehicles to respond to an emergency.

The new access road will connect the existing 12650 South roadway to Manfield Way (east of the school). This will provide a secondary access point to significantly improve traffic flow during the school’s drop-off and pick-up times as well as during an emergency. Overall, it will provide a safer place for the children to attend and the teachers to work. 

The majority of the new roadway will be constructed along the entire north end of the school on property owned by Canyons School District. This will necessitate the construction of an additional parking lot on the school property to replace the existing parking area that will become part of the new roadway. Canyons School District and Draper City will jointly develop an inter-local agreement detailing the responsible costs for each entity. 

Construction of this new roadway started this past summer. Due to the scope of this project, the project will be completed summer 2020. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Eric Lundell, Draper City, at (801) 576-6365. 

Oak Vista 1 and 5 Subdivision The city will replace the waterline in this subdivision and reconstruct the pavement. Work will begin in the summer of 2020.

Cephus Road and Vista Station A new traffic signal will be installed at 12560 South 550 West. Work will begin in the summer of 2020.

13490 South and Vista Blvd. A new traffic signal will be installed at 113490 So. and Vista Blvd. Work will begin in the summer of 2020.

1300 East Widening Project 1300 East from Nashi to Wayne's World will be widened from two to three lanes. The project includes adding sidewalks and curb and gutter. The project will begin the summer of 2021.