Cross Connection & Backflow

Draper City is dedicated to providing our residents and customers with safe, clean, drinking water. Maintaining a backflow prevention program is one of the ways the City accomplishes this goal.

A joint responsibility between the City and its residents/customers must exist to ensure all areas of the water distribution system are adequately protected. The City will provide a safe, adequate water supply to the residents / customers who in turn will maintain their plumbing system in compliance with local ordinances, requirements, codes and policies.

A backflow incident can seriously affect the quality and safety of our drinking water supply. Common examples of possible cross connections include landscape sprinkling systems, hose attachments for utility sinks, and garden hoses. Backflow prevention assemblies provide the public water system with protection against contamination or pollution.

The City's Backflow Technician will perform a hazard assessment of all commercial buildings and residential irrigation systems. Every new business will be inspected prior to the issuing of the certificate of occupancy and it is the owner's responsibility to have the annual assembly tested.

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