Park Master Plan

Draper City has partnered with the Draper Cycle Park Association to build a Cycle Park in Draper which will include a velodrome, criterium course, mountain bike skills pocket park, cyclocross course and a climbing wall. Construction of the Draper Cycle Park is being carried out in phases. The next phase is the main component which includes the velodrome, banked-inline track, criterium course, and climbing wall. This phase is currently in the process of a Capital Campaign to raise money. Anticipated start of construction is 2015-16.


The park will be located next to the Equestrian Park, 1600 E. Highland Dr., in the southeast corner of the city, with the Wasatch Mountain Range as its backdrop.
Draper Cycle Park Map


The Draper Velodrome will be an outdoor track with a tunnel to the infield so that criterium races can conclude inside the track. Velodrome Map


The Draper Cycle Park Association is seeking funding partners to build the Draper Cycle Park in Utah. The funding goal to build the Draper Cycle Park is $3.35 million.

Quote from Dotsie Bausch

2012 Olympic Silver medalist in track cycling

7 X National Champion and 2X Pan Am Gold

"Never have I had more fun on a bicycle than the first time I tried the track. Sharing that thrill of freedom and challenge, pure enjoyment and speed with children of all ages are what we must do. Get the kids off of the Crack box known as X-Box and outside breathing the crisp air! A velodrome in Draper will inspire this generation and many to come to get active and MOVE their bodies in safe and magically fun environment."