Cyclocross Course

FlyoverDraper City and the Draper Cycle Park Association are pleased to announce construction on the Cyclocross Course is in process. The course will consist of varying terrain and surfaces with obstacles along the course, and will include a flyover and steps. The terrain in the area allows the use of existing site elements. The course will be a multiple course configuration.

The Cycle Park already features a mountain bike pocket park and the main trailhead for miles of single-track trail. This is just the beginning - remaining phases will feature a dirt venue, world-class velodrome, banked in-line skating track, cyclocross course, kids park and climbing wall.

The Draper Cycle Park is located at 1455 East Highland Dr., Draper, at the base of the entrance into Corner Canyon.

Link to YouTube Video

-noun [sahy-kloh-kraws, -kros] Cyclocross is a bicycle race over a cross-country course, featuring steep hills, turns, and sometimes muddy terrain, that occasionally requires a rider to quickly dismount and carry the bicycle while navigating over fences, up stairs and other obstacles.