Thanksgiving Point

Even though Thanksgiving Point is not located right in Draper, it is just a few minutes drive south, located half way between Draper and Lehi. From Draper, take Interstate 15 south and take Exit 284 (Alpine/Highland). Turn right and proceed west on Clubhouse Drive to the light at Ashton Blvd. The signature water tower is easily seen from both directions just west of the freeway.

Thanksgiving Point offers a calendar full of Utah events like the Tulip Festival, the Scottish Festival, and Halloween Central.

It is brimming with opportunities to go, see, and do a lot of fun things.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

With more than 400 interactive experiences, you can choose a new adventure each time you visit the Museum of Natural Curiosity®. In Rainforest, explore the ancient ruins and chambers, crawl inside the 45-foot-tall monkey head, and pretend to fly the Piper Cub. At Water Works, explore science with water, wind, sun, and earth, or go to the Discovery Garden to learn about nature and the six simple machines in the Archimedes Playground. You can even explore the town of Kidopolis, where you’ll discover secret passageways and perform tricks at the magic shop. For more educational opportunities, visit the exhibit in the Innovation Gallery or take a class in one of the Dickson Academy classrooms. The options are endless for all curious minds at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

Butterfly Biosphere

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point’s Water Tower Plaza is an experience unlike anything in the state of Utah! This 40,000 square foot venue is home to over a thousand butterflies from around the globe. In addition to dozens of species of butterflies, it also has 20 species of tarantulas, beetles as big as your fist, and many more creepy crawly friends.

Museum of Ancient Life

Roam among the dinosaurs, explore a Carboniferous Forest, and dive deep into a Cretaceous Ocean at the Museum of Ancient Life. Come visit one of the world’s largest displays of mounted dinosaurs with 60 complete dinosaur skeletons in our galleries, along with more than 50 hands-on exhibits. This is the destination to enjoy learning about our pre-historic animals, playing with toy dinosaurs in the Erosion Table, and digging for fossils in the quarry dig.

Farm Country

When the rooster crows, things get going at Farm Country. After all, this is a real, honest-to-goodness working farm. It's also a great way to get up close and personal with all your favorite farm critters from geese and goats to cows, pigs, and horses and everything in between. (It seems there's even an ostrich or two wandering around...)

Your family will love the hands-on one-on-ones, with plenty of opportunities for petting, feeding and general quality time. And don't miss the Meadow Gold Dairy Adventure, where you can see first hand how the milk we drink is bottled and processed. And when you're all tuckered out, you can relax with a pony or wagon ride and a trip through the gift shop.

Ashton Gardens

As an oasis in the desert, the Ashton Gardens features 55-acres of stately gardens, grand lawns, as well as the largest man-made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere. Come rejuvenate yourself and enjoy nature’s beauty in these secluded gardens. Stroll through the 15 themed gardens to enjoy the cascading fountains in the Italian Gardens, visit the I Am The Light Of The World sculpture garden, get a bird’s eye view of the gardens from the Vista Garden, feed the fish at Koi View Pier, and discover the Secret Garden. You can even rent golf carts or Segways for another way to “stroll” through the gardens.

The individual gardens are organized like the rooms of an immense estate, with thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses serving as living barriers between spaces, creating a sense of wonder as guests pass from "room" to "room." Within the grounds, there are 15 separate themed gardens:

  • Shepherd's Hill
  • Grand Allee
  • Creek Garden
  • Monet Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Koi View Pier
  • Vista Mound Garden
  • Fragrance Garden
  • Secret Garden
  • The Light of the World Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Italian Garden
  • Prairie Garden
  • Parterre Garden
  • Waterfall Amphitheater
  • Mountain Garden
Add to that 13 acres of turf grass, a quarter million tulips in our tulip garden, seventy varieties of roses, and the largest man-made waterfall in the Western hemisphere, and you can understand how the Gardens keep its staff of twenty-six seasonal gardeners and six full-time staff members busy.