What is Geneva proposing?

Geneva has submitted four separate development applications. Together, they represent the entire proposal. 

Zoning Map Amendment Application 

• The company has requested to rezone approximately 64.27 acres of their property from Agricultural (A5) to Open Space (OS). The area includes the front and back side of Steep Mountain. This is Areas 1 and 2 on the map. 

• The company has requested to rezone approximately 26.99 acres of their property from Agricultural (A5) to Mining (M2). This is Area 4 on the map. 

• The company is NOT seeking to rezone the approximately 48.87 acres identified in Area 3 on the map. Any future change to Area 3 would require a new development application. 

Development Agreement Application 

• This application is for Geneva’s proposed legal agreement with Draper City. 

• AREA 1- The company proposes to give full control of Area 1 to Draper City to be used as Open Space. 

• AREA 2- The company proposes to maintain ownership over this area but change the use of it to Open Space. 

• AREA 3-The company proposes to keep this area unchanged. Geneva acknowledges that future development will likely be commercial or residential and subject to City zoning, including the Hillside Sensitive Overlay. 

• AREA 4- The company proposes to rezone Area 4 to Manufacturing (M2). Mining activity and revegetation are subject to, and shall be exclusively governed by, the State of Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining (“DOGM”). 

Land Use Map Amendment Application 

• The applicant is requesting that Draper City’s official Land Use Map be changed for Areas 1, 2 and 4 so that it aligns with the proposed zoning. 

Text Amendment Application 

• Geneva is requesting a modification to Draper City’s Municipal Code 9-13-080. They propose to change the use Basic Industry to a permitted (rather than the current conditional) use. They are proposing to change the use Mineral Extraction to a permitted (rather than conditional) use but only for existing DOGM permits. Geneva has a DOGM permit. 

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