How can I get involved?

Submit an Online Comment 

• Draper City has provided an online public comment form for residents to provide feedback prior to the public hearings. Please note that comments posted on social media are not included in the official public comments. For your comment to be included, submit your comment online at the link above, or send an email to 

Attend the Public Hearings 

• Individuals will be given an opportunity to comment during the public comment portion of the upcoming public hearings. All comments will be limited to three minutes. 

Listen Live 

• Listen to live audio of the Planning Commission and City Council meetings. You will be able to see applicable presentation materials online in realtime. 

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Ask Questions 

• If you have questions regarding the application, please contact us at 801-576-6527 or via email at

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1. What is Geneva proposing?
2. What is the application process & timeline?
3. How can I get involved?
4. What is H.B. 288?
5. What is the definition of Open Space?
6. What is the definition of Manufacturing?
7. What is the definition of Basic Industry?
8. What is the definition of Mineral Extraction?
9. What is an Open Space zone?
10. What is an M2 zone?
11. What is an A5 zone?
12. What is a Hillside Sensitive Overlay?
13. What is the land use description for Industrial and Manufacturing?