What is a Hillside Sensitive Overlay?

Draper City Municipal Code 9-16 is entitled ‘Hillside Sensitive Lands Overlay Zone.’  

The city deems it important to the peace, health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the city that land within hillside sensitive land overlay zones be protected to ensure that urban development be guided in a manner that will minimize the potential for flooding, erosion, and other natural hazards and will protect natural scenic beauty. The objectives to be achieved by the use of the hillside sensitive lands overlay zone shall include:

A. Preservation of natural vegetation, geologic features, wildlife habitat and open space;

B. Minimizing the amount of grading and earthwork, including street excavation and site grading;

C. Retaining trees and other native vegetation, except in those cases where a high fire hazard results, which stabilizes steep hillsides, retains moisture, prevents erosion and enhances the beauty of the natural landscape;

D. Designing and constructing roads, where necessary, in such a way as to minimize scars from cuts and fills and to avoid permanent scarring of hillsides and other sensitive land areas, and to make them easily accessible for fire protection, snow removal, school buses, and emergency vehicles;

E. Placing building sites to permit ample room for landscaping, surface drainage, parking, and sewer serviceability;

F. Grading which will eliminate sharp angles at the top and at the toe of cut and fill slopes, both with respect to building sites and to road cross sections;

G. Creating street rights of way, grades, lot layouts and structure designs which will aid the objective of reducing excavation and natural topographic disturbance;

H. Allowing cluster type development or similar concepts that will minimize disturbance of steep or sensitive terrain;

I. Authorizing early temporary or permanent planting, or both, wherever appropriate to maintain necessary cut and fill slopes, stabilizing them by plant roots and concealing the raw soil from view; and

J. Protecting view corridors. (Ord. 1009, 9-4-2012)

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