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Business License Application


  1. 1. Business Details
  2. 2. License Details
  3. 3. Documentation
  4. 4. Authorization
  • Business Details

    1. Must provide Utah Business Name Registration verification

    2. Must provide Utah Business DBA Registration verification

    3. Enter the date the business will open at the BUSINESS LOCATION.

    4. Temporary Businesses Application Only

    5. Describe the business services/operations provided at this business location.

    6. Business Location

    7. Submitted Location Verification Request ?*

    8. Business Owner Information

    9. If there is not a parent company enter the Business Name.

    10. Enter an Owner or Managing Member information

    11. Enter the Corporate or Owner Address

    12. Contact Information

    13. Enter the License Contact

    14. Business Mailing Address

    15. Is the mailing address the same business address.