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Draper Days Single Event Business License APPLICATION

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  2. For licensing information contact:

    Vivien Pearson (801) 576-6530 Draper city Business License Official 1020 E. Pioneer Rd., Draper, UT

  3. Draper Days Vendor Special/Single Event Business License Application

  4. Note: All food vendors must have a license from the Board of Health. Food vendors are solely responsible to meet all Board of Health requirements and pass their inspection.

  5. I hereby consent that authorized representatives of Draper City, including any Draper City law enforcement agency, will have unrestricted right to enter the premises during the event. I hereby certify this application is signed and submitted by me as an authorized agent of the applicant and I am authorized to act on behalf of the association, corporation, church or political organization conducting the single event. I hereby agree to conduct my Special Event in accordance with any and all applicable ordinances and statutes.

  6. The application your are submitting may become a public record pursuant to the provisions of the Utah State Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). You are asked to furnish the information on this form for the purpose of identification and to expedite the processing of your request. This information will be used only so far as necessary for completing the transaction. If you decide not to supply the requested information, you should be aware that your application may take a longer time or may be impossible to complete. If you are in an "at-risk government employee" as defined in Utah Code Ann 63-3-302.5 , please inform the Business Licencing Department. Draper city does not currently share your private, controlled or protected information with any other person or government entity.

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